Chin Rejuvenation Manchester

Definition, balance, improving profile view and enhancing shape are all common reasons to seek chin rejuvenation.

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  • A chin which blends into the neckline (a receding chin)
  • A small chin
  • Orange peel effect overlying the skin
  • Double chin


There is a huge variation in chin shape due to genetics and natural variation. However, the ageing process can change your chin shape.


At Javivo, we offer a range of treatments to treat the chin and lower face.

Dermal filler: Soft tissue filler can add shape, definition and structure to this area.

Anti-wrinkle injectables: Injection of a naturally occurring protein can relax a hyperactive muscle which wrinkles the overlying skin.

Ultraformer III: HIFU tightens loose skin and shrinks excess fat in this area, often as part of a non-surgical facelift.

Microneedling, Skin peels & Profhilo®: These treatments can improve skin quality in this area by boosting your collagen production.

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