Bridal Beauty: Skin Preparation

“Skin first, make-up second”

As a bride, you want to feel and look your best for your big day. Planning make-up is a big focus for brides, however, for that make-up to look truly flawless, the skin underneath needs to be at its healthiest. Planning your skincare regime will often be at the end of a very long to-do list. That’s why Javivo have devised the ultimate, non-injectable, skincare package for you to get that natural glow for your big day.

The more time you have for your wedding skincare regime, the better. Ideally, as soon as the engagement ring is on your finger, it’s time to start planning your skin transformation. Everyone’s skin has different needs, some will need weekly input and consultations whilst others may only need to be seen every month. A healthy complexion takes time and work, particularly if you want to combat pigmentation problems, blemishes and scarring. The results from skin treatments often have immediate and long-term benefits, so you want to allow time for the long-term benefits for the skin to show.

Javivo’s Intensive Skin Repair package is designed to naturally rejuvenate the skin, with minimally invasive treatments across 4-6 months. It can also be adapted for those with busy schedules and less time to spare before the big day.

“A bride’s skin needs preparation”

Our recommendations include:

A Doctor-led Consultation: A 30-minute consultation to discuss your goals and allow for the treatments to be tailored to your skin concerns.

ZO Health® Skincare: A bespoke skin protocol, including 5 full-size products to be used daily, to normalise, correct and protect the skin. It’s important to remember, skin conditions such as pigmentation, acne with scarring, and rosacea may take longer to treat.

ZO Stimulator Peel Course: A course of 4 prescriptive chemical skin peels to help improve fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin texture and skin quality. This intensive, exfoliating skin peel is suitable for all skin types and there is no downtime.

SkinPen® Microneedling: 3 sessions of microneedling to boost the skin from within. Microneedling is used to improve fine lines, pigmentation and scarring. Although it leaves skin with an instant, dewy glow. The true, long-term benefits are skin healing and growth, as it is scientifically proven to stimulate skin collagen and elastin (important for skin strength). The skin remodelling effects from microneedling treatment will peak at 12 months – this why we recommend starting your wedding skincare treatments as early as possible!

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Subtle injectable treatment such as dermal filler and Profhilo® can naturally enhance facial beauty. However, indications are unique to the individual, and further treatments such as injectables can be discussed during a consultation.

Our goal for your big day? For you to look the best version of yourself, without being overdone.

Price: £629 (Treatments worth over £1000)

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