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Javivo® understand it’s one of the busiest times of the year and often one which you have very little time to yourself. So let us take one job off your to-do list – your skin health. Find out how to get the most out of your cosmetic treatments to make sure you look and feel your best this Christmas!

Here are Dr Jaymi’s and Dr Avi’s tips on timing your treatments before the party season begins:

  1. Botox® – If you’re getting Botox® this winter remember the results are not instant and it can take up to 2 weeks to see the full effect, although most see the effects from 5-10 days. To get the best results avoid strenuous exercise a few days following treatment – a perfect excuse to have a Christmas movie marathon on the sofa!
  2. Dermal filler – there is minimal downtime with fillers, however, some may experience a small bruise or mild swelling following treatment. Allow a few days for this to settle. With both dermal filler and Botox®, minimise bruising by avoiding alcohol a few days before and after treatment. Keep in mind it’s important to stay make-up free for 24 hours after treatment to minimise infection.
  3. Superficial chemical skin peels – perfect to have the day before a party, as there is no downtime. An intense exfoliating treatment like the ZO stimulator peel will leave your skin radiant and rejuvenated this winter.
  4. Deeper chemical peels – winter is a great time for getting skin treatments, as during the summer months we have to avoid UVR (sunlight) with treatments such as deep skin peels and laser, as it can increase the risk of skin damage and skin pigmentation. Start preparing for one of these now, and book in for a treatment when you have a few days of downtime in the new year.
  5. Medical skincare – perfect to start at any time! Although the treatment of skin conditions, like acne, can take a few months to see results, most get the ‘glow’ from using medical skincare in a few weeks. There is no downtime from using medical skincare, the only thing to remember is there may be a small amount of redness and irritation when starting retinol and salicylic acid-based products which usually settles in a few days. (P.s Medical skincare kits can make the perfect Christmas present!)
  6. Profhilo® skin booster – if your skin is in need of some extra TLC following the mad Christmas rush and late-night parties, a skin-boosting treatment is exactly what you need. Profhilo® hydrates and stimulates the skin from within leaving it fresher, plumper and tighter. Plus, results can last up to 6 months!

Let Javivo help you look and feel your best this Christmas. Book a no-obligation consultation to find a bespoke skincare package for you.