The Stages To Laser Hair Removal Treatment

At Javivo, our expert team deliver scientifically-backed treatments that enhance your appearance and your confidence, allowing you to live life freely and confidently. Today, our experts are focusing on laser hair removal treatment, which we offer to both men and women here in Manchester. We’ll start with the stages of laser hair removal treatment:

1. Diagnosis & Consultation

First, we’ll assess your skin and whether we can help. We’ll advise on how many sessions you’ll need and any other treatments that might be of benefit. It’s also an opportunity for you to become comfortable and familiar with our clinic, staff and treatment process.

2. Treatment

Next, we’ll book your treatment sessions. Each one can take up to a couple of hours. We’ll advise you on any pre-treatment prep you’ll need to do, like not shaving the area ahead of treatment.

3. Aftercare

After your treatment, we’ll talk to you about what side-effects you can expect from treatment and how to manage these, as well as how to get in touch if you’re worried. We’ll also speak to you about any future sessions you may need.

Now, we’re going to move onto some quick questions concerning laser hair removal treatment.

Q) Why have treatment?

A) There are many reasons, from too much hair, hair that’s too thick, or hair in an unwanted area. People also like that long-term results mean less time, effort and money is spent on trips to the salon, at-home methods (waxing, shaving etc) and the side-effects (redness, broken skin) that these can cause.

Q) How long does treatment take?

A) A session can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a couple of hours, but you may need several sessions to achieve your desired results. That’s because hair grows in cycles.

Q) How effective is treatment?

A) With enough sessions, you could be left with virtually hair-free skin. We’ll be able to advise on the number of sessions you may need. In addition, the treatment method we use is so successful, it’s been used over 50,000 times.

Q) Does treatment hurt?

A) It really depends on the individual, but people are surprised by how little it hurts – a bit like an elastic band ‘ping’. We also use a cold air machine to minimise discomfort.

Q) Which areas can be treated?

A) Everywhere from the face and neck, to the shoulders, chest, back, buttocks and pelvic areas.

To book your laser hair removal treatment here in Manchester, get in touch with us today.